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Economic Sociology; Economic Anthropology; Social and Economic Stratification

The Effect of Colonial and Pre-Colonial Institutions on Contemporary Education in Africa

Leone Walters, Carolyn Chisadza and Matthew Clance
This paper argues that contrary to previous findings, present-day education outcomes in Africa cannot be independently attributed to colonial or pre-colonial ethnic institutions. We propose that it is instead the complementarity or contention between colonial and precolonial institutions that result...
Jan 2021
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A Portrait of Informal Sector Credit and Interest Rates in Malawi: Interpolated Monthly Time Series

Harold Ngalawa
Although informal finance forms a large part of their financial sector, nearly all low income countries exclude informal transactions in official monetary data. Usually, informal finance data are nonexistent and occasionally, they are available only from surveys that often occur at irregular...
Jul 2014
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Family Functioning and Life Satisfaction and Happiness in South African Household

Ferdi Botha and Frikkie Booysen
Families form an integral part of society and in fostering individual well-being. Despite the acknowledged importance of family, the association between family functioning and individual well-being outcomes have remained unexplored in the current body of knowledge. This paper explores the...
Aug 2013
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Life satisfaction and education in South Africa: Investigating the role of attainment and the likelihood of education as a positional good

Ferdi Botha
This paper explores various dynamics in the relationship between life satisfaction and education in South Africa using the 2008 National Income Dynamics Survey. The results indicate a strong positive association between educational attainment and individual satisfaction with life, which is true in...
May 2013
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Social Networks and Ethnic Niches: An Econometric Analysis of the Manufacturing Sector in South Africa

Andre Hofmeyr
This paper analyses the link between social networks and ethnic occupational niches in the manufacturing sector in South Africa. To this end, it employs the methodology of Bertrand et al. (2000) to minimise the omitted variable bias induced by standard approaches investigating network effects and...
Jun 2008
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Does Human Generate Social and Institutional Capital? Exploring Evidence From Time Series Data in a Middle Income Country

Johannes Fedderke and John Luiz
This paper presents an analysis of the interaction of human capital investment and the development of social and political institutions. We find that human capital matters - for growth through its quality dimension; for distributional conflict by raising political aspirations. But human capital...
Mar 2005
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