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Economic History: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; Industrial Structure; Growth; Fluctuations: Africa; Oceania

The Effect of Colonial and Pre-Colonial Institutions on Contemporary Education in Africa

Leone Walters, Carolyn Chisadza and Matthew Clance
This paper argues that contrary to previous findings, present-day education outcomes in Africa cannot be independently attributed to colonial or pre-colonial ethnic institutions. We propose that it is instead the complementarity or contention between colonial and precolonial institutions that result...
Jan 2021
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Which comes first: good governance or prosperity? A historical experiment from the South African Republic and the Orange Free State

Stan du Plessis and Sophia du Plessis
Two neighbouring republics, with a common history and culture, followed very different paths of development in the second half of the nineteenth century. Extraordinary mineral wealth was discovered during this period in the South African Republic (ZAR), the neighbour where political and economic...
Jun 2017
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What explains the recent growth performance in Sub-Saharan Africa? Results from a Bayesian Averaging of Classical Estimates (BACE) Approach

Beatrice D. Simo-Kengne
This paper empirically identifies the main driving forces behind the recent development in economic growth across Sub-Saharan Africa based on a two-step procedure. Given the role of convergence in explaining the level of economic development, the first step employs the new extension of the sigma...
Feb 2016
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The Cape of Perfect Storms: Colonial Africa’s first financial crash, 1788-1793

Roy Havemann and Johan Fourie
This paper investigates the causes and consequences of colonial Africa’s first financial crash, which happened in South Africa’s Dutch Cape Colony. The 1788–1793 crisis followed a common sequence of events: trade and fiscal deficits were monetized by printing money, credit extension accelerated,...
Apr 2015
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Anatomy of the Southern African Customs Union: Structure and Revenue Volatility

Harold P.E. Ngalawa
This paper studies the evolution of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), tracing it from its inception in 1889 as the Customs Union Convention, the world’s first customs union, to its current status. While the union has operated under different agreements, which have been negotiated and...
Sep 2013
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Towards a Measure of Core Inflation using Singular Spectrum Analysis

Franz Ruch and Dirk Besteri
This paper constructs a number of possible core measures of annual inflation using Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA). Annual inflation is decomposed into its trend, oscillating and noise components in order to develop an understanding of the trend and cyclicality in South African headline inflation...
Nov 2011
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How Does Colonial Origin Matter for Economic Performance in sub-Saharan Africa?

J.A. Agbor, J.W. Fedderke, & N. Viegi
This paper investigates the channels through which colonial origin affects economic outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). It focuses on four key channels of transmission namely, human capital, trade openness, market distortion and selection bias. In contrast with previous studies where only initial...
Mar 2010
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