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Single Equation Models; Single Variables: Cross-Sectional Models; Spatial Models; Treatment Effect Models; Quantile Regressions

Who benefits from South African Child Support Grant: The role of gender and birthweight

Adeola Oyenubi
Stunting (low height-for-age) is known to be a good proxy for a child’s wellbeing. Several studies have suggested that the South African Child Support Grant (CSG) reduces stunting in benefiting children. However, all of these studies have estimated the impact of the CSG on the mean of the height-...
May 2019
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"The Power of Nudging: Using Feedback, Competition and Responsibility Assignment to Save Electricity in a Non-Residential Setting”

Rebecca Klege, Martine Visser, Saugato Datta, Matthew Darling
We use behavioural insights to design nudges leveraging social comparison and assignment of responsibility aimed at reducing electricity consumption in a large provincial government office building with 24 floors. Results from a randomized control trial show that floors participating in a treatment...
Sep 2018
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Gender and Birth Order Effects on Intra-household Schooling Choices and Education Attainments in Kenya

Fredrick M. Wamalwa & Justine Burns
In this paper, we investigate the effect of two important family characteristics- gender and birth orde r-on intra-household investments in , and educational outcomes of, children in Kenya. We measure intra-household education investments in children by household's decision to enrol children in...
Sep 2017
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The impact of micro hydroelectricity on household welfare indicators

Mary Karumba & Edwin Muchapondwa
The use of small scale off-grid renewable energy for rural electrification is now seen as part of the sustainable energy solutions. The expectations from such small scale investment is that it can meet basic energy needs of a household and subsequently improve some aspects of the household welfare...
Jan 2017
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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Risk Aversion and Gender Discrimination in Assessment

Jason Hartford and Nic Spearman
This study exploits a natural experiment to evaluate the gender bias effect associated with negative marking due to gender-differentiated risk aversion. This approach avoids framing effects that characterize experimental evaluation of negative marking assessments. Evidence of a gender bias against...
Feb 2014
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Finding the benefits: Estimating the impact of the South African child support grant

Marisa Coetzee
The paper estimates the impact of the South African Child Support Grant (CSG) on child health, nutrition and education. Data from the 2008 South African National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS) are used. Two non-experimental treatment evaluation techniques, both relying on propensity scores, are...
Aug 2011
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Value, Size and Momentum Portfolios in Real Time: The Cross-Section of South African Stocks

Ryans Bartens and Shakill Hassan
We implement a recursive out-of-sample method to examine anomalies-based ex-ante predictability in the cross-section of stock returns. We obtain a series of simulated out-of-sample returns, consistent with investors using only prior information when choosing predictor variables. We find that, by...
Oct 2009
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